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High-Quality Masonry Services in Raytown, Missouri

At Lee’s Summit Masonry, quality and customer service are our main priorities. We know all there is to know about masonry works and constantly ensure that we complete the job with the highest standards possible.

We are committed to always delivering the best possible job for our clients. Property owners have recently discovered the benefits of having quality masonry works on their property. In most cases, this will significantly improve the value of your property. 

Lee’s Summit Masonry offers masonry services to all property owners in Raytown  Missouri. We help our customers achieve their goals of a beautiful home and business. We proudly serve Raytown Missouri, and all the nearby areas. We are the leading Lee’s Summit stone mason.

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Lee's Summit Masonry Company, Lee's Summit Stone Mason Brick Mason Lee's Summit, MO Masonry Contractor Near Me
Lee's Summit Masonry Company, Lee's Summit Stone Mason Brick Mason Lee's Summit, MO Masonry Contractor Near Me

Experience the Best in Raytown, Missouri

Raytown, Missouri is highly renowned as a first-rated suburb of Kansas City, Missouri. The place is also a crossroads to many beautiful destinations located in the metropolitan area. Raytown, MO boasts a very rich history and also great themed parks and recreational facilities. 

It is the home of 3.3 miles out of 13.5 miles of the newly designed Rock Island Trail running straight to the community. Raytown, MO has something to offer for everyone whether you are going for a quick trip or planning to stay longer.

Cave Spring Historic Site and Nature Center

Cave Spring is situated in Southeast Kansas City and features a 36-acre historic site and nature-themed park. The tourist destination encompasses a nature full of changing and permanent ruins, historic sites, exhibits, and even picnic areas. You can also discover more outdoor activities and majestic sceneries like a small cave, creek branches, wildlife pond habitat, hiking trails, butterfly garden, and spring, which can make you sweat out. 

You can find the site at the intersection of Blue Ridge and Gregory Boulevard.

Crane Brewing

If you are looking for a unique place to unwind and relax while in your stay in Raytown, MO– Crane Brewing is a good way to start. The place is popular because of the elements: it consists of locally sourced wood used in the bar’s 26ft live-edge bar, customized hand-painted beer menu boards, and reclaimed barn wood that comes with a customized poured concrete back bar, and. Crane Brewing also works with only fine craftsmen and artisans in Raytown, MO to build a beautiful space that has rustic features with a modern twist. They also serve the best beers in town, so go now and try them!

Rock Island Trail

The Rock Island Trail is highly regarded for its 13.5-mile bicycle path and pedestrian lane crossing over central Jackson County. The tourist attraction is locally owned and operated by Jackson County Parks + Rec which has 3 miles running across Raytown. The Truman Sports Complex, at parking lot L, is the northernmost point of the trail where it initially begins.

From there, the trail will go southeast, spanning Kansas City, Raytown, and Lee’s Summit. Currently, the trial will end near the intersection of Scherer Roads and Jefferson.

Whether you are walking and biking or out for a quick morning run, being on the Rock Island Trail opens a lot of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Most of all, you can appreciate what nature has to offer and love it even more.

Raytown Historical Society

Raytown Historical Society & Museum is one of Raytown’s best-kept secrets that you want to explore especially if you want to feed your mind with different information.

You can use the facility to do extensive research about the history of Raytown families, locals, businesses, and more. It also comes with permanent and changing exhibits and even Raytown South High School yearbooks and memorabilia. The gift shop also sells many Raytown publications and souvenirs that will remind you of the olden days of Raytown, MO.

Why Hire Us For Your Masonry Needs?

When it comes to any mason-related construction, any small mistakes are crucial. That’s why, whether it’s a small or big project, hiring professional contractors can give you peace of mind, knowing that your project is handled by experts.

If you’re looking for Lee’s Summit stone mason, look no other than Lee’s Summit Masonry. Here are some reasons why you should consider us for your next project:

Professional Installations

One of the advantages of stone veneers is their ease of installation. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to do it yourself. Leave this job in the hands of professionals as it requires accurate and careful execution.

To look for Lee’s Summit brick mason, contact us to know more about our services. Rest assured that our work is long-lasting and is done professionally.

License and Insurance

Another benefit of hiring Lee’s Summit Masonry is the fact that we are fully licensed. Working with us means that your property is in good hands and your project follows the local safety guideline. Moreover, our technicians are fully insured so if anything goes wrong during the installation, you will not be responsible for any damages or injuries.

Proper Maintenance

Our professionals have spent years in training to give you the best advice on how to properly maintain your property. We can tell you what are the best options and alternatives that will best suit your budget and your style.

Furthermore, after the project is done, we will give you some advice on how to take care of your space so that it will last a long time.

Industry Access

Unlike other companies, Lee’s Summit Masonry has connections and access to the best materials and tools. By hiring us as your contractor, you’ll save money on products while getting incredible results.

You might be surprised to find out that you are saving more money on investing in professional services than doing it yourself.

Continuous Support

When you do the project yourself, you don’t have anyone to call for assistance if ever you experience damage to your stonework. You may find yourself looking for a DIY tutorial on how to fix it. But, this will be a different story if you hire a professional to install your stones.

When you hire us, you will be provided with ongoing support and advice to enjoy beautiful stonework.

Call Us Today!

Give us a call today at 816-320-6643. Lee’s Summit Masonry proudly serves all residences throughout Raytown, Missouri, and the nearby cities. We are the leading Lee’s Summit brick mason.