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Stone veneer is a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. It’s because they are durable, give off a natural look, and are easy to maintain. Despite being durable, stone veneers are also destructible, especially when applied by excessive force or exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Don’t delay repairing damaged stone veneers. Otherwise, the damage will only get worse while the repair costs will increase. When this happens, don’t have any second thoughts to hire the professionals from Lee’s Summit Masonry.

We have the knowledge to evaluate the damage to your brick, stone, or concrete. We understand how to evaluate the situation as we are knowledgeable about the structure and materials to ensure that the repair is done correctly. We are the best Lee’s Summit stone mason professionals.

Our team has experience working with a diverse range of materials, meaning we can get the job done within the agreed timeframe. We can also help you find the ideal materials, set up your budget, and assist with the overall design of the project. We only use the best materials for your home to make it look great and last long.

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Lee's Summit Masonry Company, Lee's Summit Stone Mason Brick Mason Lee's Summit, MO Masonry Contractor Near Me
Lee's Summit Masonry Company, Lee's Summit Stone Mason Brick Mason Lee's Summit, MO Masonry Contractor Near Me

Benefits Of Getting Stone Veneers

A property with a stone veneer design exudes luxury and eye-catching curb appeal. With beautiful shades and tones, stone veneers have a natural beauty that can uplift the overall aesthetic of your properties.

With a variety of designs, ease of maintenance, and capability, here are some of the benefits of getting stone veneers.

Adds value to the property

Because of the engaging visual appearance that gives pleasing curb appeal, stone veneers add value to your property, instead of getting stucco, vinyl, or clapboard. If you’re planning to list your property on the market, use stone veneer to upgrade your home for a richer and more expensive feel. It would be more pleasing if you paired it with bricks. They could add sophistication and quality to your home.


They quarried and cut natural stones into various shapes, while they created stone veneers from a cement mixture that they poured into molds and colored to look like real stones. These innovations have helped homeowners and builders achieve the desired look they had in mind.

Moreover, these upgrades aren’t expensive yet, they can give you the look and feel of real stone. Because of this demand, custom manufacturers have offered stone veneers at affordable prices.

Use anywhere

You can use stone veneers to level up any space anywhere on your property. Aside from transforming your home’s exterior, stone veneers can transform the pool area, patio, walkways, outdoor fireplaces, and many more.  

On the inside, consider adding stone veneers for your fireplace, accent walls, and mantle. With stone veneer, you can use your imagination to create your dream design.

Quick installation

Even though stone veneer replicates the timeless aspect of ancient stone buildings, these top-quality products are designed for seamless, speedy installation. In reality, by adhering to these simple installation principles, many homeowners undertake DIY installations for remodeling projects. However, make sure to seek professional services from experts.

If you have an active home, using stone veneer allows you to get properties market-ready faster while also requiring less time to move rooms!

Easy to maintain

Stone veneers are suitable for all types of weather conditions. Moreover, they do not require regular cleaning to keep them pristine. If you wish to clean them, you just need mild, hot soapy water, and a clean cloth to wipe them down. Rinse them with a low-pressure hose, then wipe them with a clean cloth to dry.

Why Hire Us For Your Stone Veneers?

When it comes to any mason-related construction, any small mistakes are crucial. That’s why, whether it’s a small or big project, hiring professional contractors can give you peace of mind, knowing that your project is handled by experts.

If you’re looking for Lee’s Summit stone mason, look no other than Lee’s Summit Masonry. Here are some reasons why you should consider us for your next project:

Professional installations

One of the advantages of stone veneers is their ease of installation. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to do it yourself. Leave this job in the hand of professionals as it requires accurate and careful execution.

To look for Lee’s Summit brick mason, contact us to know more about our services. Rest assured that our work is long-lasting and is done professionally.

License and insurance

Another benefit of hiring Lee’s Summit Masonry is the fact that we are fully licensed. Working with us means that your property is in good hands and your project follows the local safety guideline. Moreover, our technicians are fully insured so if anything goes wrong during the installation, you will not be responsible for any damages or injuries.

Proper maintenance

Our professionals have spent years in training to give you the best advice on how to properly maintain your property. We can tell you what are the best options and alternatives that will best suit your budget and your style.

Furthermore, after the project is done, we will give you some advice on how to take care of your space so that it will last a long time.

Industry Access

Unlike other companies, Lee’s Summit Masonry has connections and access to the best materials and tools. By hiring us as your contractor, you’ll save money on products while getting incredible results.

You might be surprised to find out that you are saving more money on investing in professional services than doing it yourself.

Continuous support

When you do the project yourself, you don’t have anyone to call for assistance if ever you experience damage to your stonework. You may find yourself looking for a DIY tutorial on how to fix it. But, this will be a different story if you hire a professional to install your stones.

When you hire us, you will be provided with ongoing support and advice to enjoy beautiful stonework.

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