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Thin Veneer Masonry in Lee’s Summit, Missouri

Stone and brick are timeless construction materials that have been used for many years in all structures. In one of the fastest-growing sections of the masonry industry, thin veneer has become increasingly popular as well. With slimmer, sleeker profiles, thin veneers are being used in projects from interior walls, backsplashes, and fireplaces to exterior fronts of homes. 

Lee’s Summit Masonry offers thin veneer masonry to all homeowners in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. We help our customers achieve their goals of a beautiful home. We proudly serve Lee’s Summit Missouri, Raymore Missouri, Blue Springs Missouri, Raytown Missouri, Independence Missouri, Belton Missouri, Grandview Missouri, and Peculiar Missouri. We are the leading Lee’s Summit brick stone mason.

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Lee's Summit Masonry Company, Lee's Summit Stone Mason Brick Mason Lee's Summit, MO Masonry Contractor Near Me
Lee's Summit Masonry Company, Lee's Summit Stone Mason Brick Mason Lee's Summit, MO Masonry Contractor Near Me

What You Should Know About Thin Stone Veneer

A thin stone veneer is a thinner cut of a building stone. Similar to building stones, thin stone veneers are completely made up of quarried stone. This means that you won’t find any concrete composites in this high-quality material. You can use thin stone veneer for everything – from interior and exterior building walls to a fireplace, chimney, and firepit facades.

What are the Uses of Thin Stone Veneer?

The unique qualities of thin stone veneer make it an excellent choice for just about any construction project. Below are some of the uses of thin stone veneer.

Thin Stone Veneer Uses for Commercial Projects

Stone Veneer weighs significantly less than full veneer. This results in lower shipping and installation costs, making thin stone veneer a more affordable option for commercial projects requiring a large amount of coverage. For instance, you can use thin stone veneer to complete interior accent walls or exterior building facades in restaurants, hotels, office buildings, and other commercial structures.

Thin Stone Veneer Uses for Residential Projects

A thin stone veneer is also an excellent option for residential projects. Since it requires no special footings or anchors, it will have lower installation costs than full veneer. This will save you both time and money. If you’re a homeowner, we suggest hiring professional masonry to ensure the product is installed correctly.

Where to Incorporate Stone Veneers in a Landscape Design

You can use stone veneers to design many landscape features since they can be added to any structure. For instance, stone veneers can complement and work well with wood, metal, or cement. 

Furthermore, they are also durable against weather elements, making them ideal for outdoor storage. Below are some ways to incorporate stone veneers in landscape design.

Outdoor Fireplace

Stone veneers make an excellent choice for an outdoor fireplace. It gives an aesthetic appeal to the feature. While the fireplace is lit up, the warmth of the flames in the fireplace complements the rugged texture of the stone veneer.

Exterior Walls, Columns, and Pillars

When you add stone veneer to the columns, walls, and pillars of the home exteriors, it can help in creating a timeless and sophisticated appearance. You can also add them to the poolside area and the patios in the form of a geometric design.

Outdoor Features

You can incorporate stone veneers into a host of features such as outdoor kitchens, fire pits, pizza ovens, and also beautiful water features. Using stone veneers near water fountains and other such features can enhance the relaxing effect of the features.

Our Commitment to Safety

At Lee’s Summit Masonry, it is our ultimate requirement that every worker on the construction site is knowledgeable about the highest adequate safety measures regardless of how big or small the project is. We are the leading Lee’s Summit brick stone mason.

We understand that during construction hours, every single worker associated with our projects is prone to high-risk environments and hazards. That’s why; our comprehensive safety programs guarantee the safety and protection of the health of our workers at all times. 

We strictly adhere and commit to the health and safety measures standards and guidelines to provide the safest work environment for the workers.

Provide fall protection

There are always big hazards and risks coming from falls from high roofs as well as skyscraper buildings and falling debris on the construction site; in fact, these are the primary causes of injuries and death in the construction field. Lee’s Summit Masonry commits to providing the best protection systems and equipment that are perfectly made for this kind of dangerous situation including personal fall arrest systems, guard rails, gloves, and harness and safety nets. We are always ensuring that fall arrest systems must properly inspect at all times before using them by our team. 

We always make sure that our equipment is working appropriately and that they are free from any damage.

Value the eye and face protection

Our safety team at Lee’s Summit Masonry deeply understands that while doing masonry work; tiny debris such as dust particles, welding, and tiny pieces of flying metals, grit, and splashing chemicals can damage the eyes and affect the vision of our workers. To provide face and eye protection to our workers during construction operations; we ensure that all our workers must wear protective construction safety glasses that work as a precaution and provide safety to the eyes during employment.

Overall proper site security

To prevent any unnecessary damage occurrence; Lee’s Summit Masonry ensures that the construction site access is limited to some restricted individuals aside from our workers working on a specific project. Aside from preventing any injuries that might happen we also want to protect any construction equipment (from any damage or theft) that is often exposed and used during the operation. Our security is equally vital in safeguarding main pedestrians from any dangerous construction hazards that might happen.

Our team strongly believes in these safety protocols and strict security that will protect our workers from preventable liabilities in case of any safety incident or security breach emerge.

Lee’s Summit Leading Source for Stone Veneer Masonry

Lee’s Summit Masonry has been in the business for several years. We provide high-quality and superior masonry services. When it comes to the home construction industry, we understand that experience and skills are vital. We are the leading Lee’s Summit brick stone mason.

We pride ourselves in demonstrating unparalleled flexibility, value, beauty, and permanence of masonry. We believe the secret to our long-lasting success is our superior quality work, prompt service, and competitive pricing. We embrace the values of honesty, hard work, and excellent service.

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